How to Fix Leaky Gutters

A leaky gutter is one of the most common problems homeowners experience on their property’s exterior. A steady drip from a seam onto the driveway; peeling paint around the gutter area. These can both be signs of a gutter leak. While the initial effects of a faulty system are minimal when left unaddressed it can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. Fortunately early detection and a proactive approach to gutter maintenance can keep the familiar problems associated with leaky gutter away.


A leaky gutter system can lead to a number of problems both inside and outside the home including:


– Rotting of the area surrounding the leak including wood fascia and soffits


– Damage to the foundation


– Water infiltration into the foundation leading to mold growth


– Peeling paint in the area of the leak


While a few leaks here or there may not be of concern when first noticed, it is important to address these problems right away. Many of the damages caused by leaky gutters happen over a period of time. Constant water permeation into the foundation, even if minimal, slowly eats away layer after layer of the surface until cracks begin to form. Once these cracks form, water starts to pool creating a prime environment for mold growth. The worst part is that many of these problems go unseen by homeowners because it happens underneath the surface of the home. For this reason, a proactive approach to gutter leaks is important.


Here are a few smart tips for fixing leaky gutters:


– Many leaks start when the gutters begin to rust due to standing water. Standing water is often an indicator of improper slope. Over the years, the individual pieces may shift and move caus-ing misalignment. If needed, adjust the slope of the gutters moving them back into place so water can easily be flushed out.<


– One of the simplest ways to handle a leaky system is by brushing a sealant along the seams on both the inside and outside of the cover. A good multipurpose one to try is the Ruscoe 12-1 Gutter Sealant.


– Bigger holes may be patched using a large piece of sheet metal.


– A protective coating spray such as Rescue 911 Leak Sealer can offer instant protection and is easy to apply. Spray it directly onto gutter joints to prevent leaks.


– Seamless gutters are the best material for preventing future leaks from happening. If your home is constantly plagued with leaks, consider hiring a professional to replace your existing gutters with new seamless ones.


At, we offer many products to help you handle a leaky gutter cover problem. From sealant solutions such as Ruscoe 12-1 Seam Sealer and Lucas Gutter Sealant to Rescue 911, we have the products you need to handle any gutter job from start to finish. As the leading online supplier of gutter-related tools and supplies, is the trusted partner for both professionals and homeowners alike. We are committed to offering a full-service line of products to meet the needs of those we serve. Whether you are fixing a small leak or installing a brand new gutter system, visit our website for everything you need to complete the work.

Vinyl Gutters 101

When shopping for a quality gutter system, homeowners have more material options than ever before.  From aluminum to copper to galvanized steel, there are many different styles and types to choose from. One type of gutter material that is becoming increasingly popular is vinyl.  Many homeowners are turning to vinyl for a durable, long-lasting solution to the gutter needs.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about vinyl gutter systems.

Style Options
At we offer vinyl gutters in two different styles: Traditional and Contemporary (U-shaped).  The traditional option is available in 5” K Style and the contemporary in both 4” and 5” K Style.  Our catalog also includes a fully-coordinating line of accessories for both.  These styles are available in both white and brown.

Because vinyl is not prone to rot or rust, homeowners can expect their new gutter system to last for years to come.   It is not unusual to see a vinyl gutter system that is 20+ years old.  In fact, the vinyl gutter products carries come with a limited lifetime warranty.  Visit our website here to learn more.

Vinyl systems offer a low-cost solution to a home’s gutter needs.  Many homeowners may opt for vinyl as a more budget-friendly alternative to higher-end copper.   It also helps save on the cost of replacement as the system typically lasts for decades.                                                     

One advantage to installing a vinyl gutter system is its strength and durability.  Vinyl will not dent or crack and is not prone to rusting.  Composed of strong vinyl resin, this gutter system is scratch-resistant and keeps its attractive appearance long after installation.  It is a premium material built to withstand extreme temperatures and environments.                         

Leak-Free Seals
With vinyl, homeowners can be less concerned of having a leaky system to tend to.  Vinyl gutter systems feature a urethane seal lessening the likelihood of leaks while offering a lasting solution to a home’s water run-off needs.                                                                

When looking for a virtually maintenance-free solution many find vinyl to be the answer.  Vinyl gutters require very little maintenance and upkeep.  They are easily cleaned and rarely need to be adjusted.  Since they don’t tend to fade or rust, you can also expect your vinyl gutters to look great for years to come.

 Many professionals find vinyl gutter systems easy and simple to install.  There is no need for specialized tools or sealant and installation can be completed in as little as one day.  Although professional installation is always recommended, many homeowners appreciate the quickness and ease in which their contracting partner can complete the work.   

At, we are committed to providing the quality gutter products are customers have come to expect.  We offer one of the largest selections of gutter tools and supplies anywhere online along with the best customer service and support.  If you would like to learn more about the vinyl gutter products carries, click here or contact one of our expert sales professionals at 888.909.7246. 

Why Go Seamless? 4 Benefits of Installing Seamless Gutters

Most homeowners are well aware of how important quality gutters are to a home.  They also realize that in order for the system to function properly the gutters must be kept clear of excessive debris. Seamless gutters offer a solution for both of these needs.  Unfortunately many homeowners are unaware of how beneficial seamless gutters can be.  They are often turned-off from this solution because of its higher price tag when compared with a standard system.  Contractors can assist their customers by simply informing them of the many advantages seamless gutters can provide.  Next time you find yourself working with a new client, make sure to take time to share with them many of the seamless gutter benefits listed below.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters:

Less Clogging Problems
Seamless gutters lack the ridges of the seams, leaving a smoother finish less likely to collect debris.  Since needles and leaves are more easily flushed out, seamless gutters are less prone to experiencing dreaded clogging problems.

Custom Fit Every Time
Unlike standard gutters, seamless gutters must be cut on the jobsite in order to fit properly.  Rarely a do-it-yourself job, this task is usually completed by a professional contractor.  Using a specialized gutter machine, they create custom cuts forming each piece of gutter to the exact specifications of the home.
Minimizes Troublesome Leaks
When installing seamless gutters onto a home, less sections and pieces must be fastened together.  This minimizes the amount and frequency in which the gutter system experiences troublesome leaks.

Fewer Repair & Maintenance Needs
With less clogging problems and leak issues, seamless gutters experience fewer repair issues such as pulling from the home, rusting and warping.  Homeowners can enjoy a more easily maintained system that will typically last much longer than a standard gutter installation.

Gives Home a Beautiful Finish
Seamless gutters can be an attractive gutter choice for the home.  It comes in many colors and material options to fit any aesthetic.  Also homes which have seamless gutters installed have less unsightly seams noticeable from the ground level.  This leaves the property with a beautiful finished look.

Easier to Clean
When a system has less ridges and seams it is also more easily cleaned.  Brushes and other utensils can effortlessly glide through the gutters removing any unwanted debris.    

To provide greater service and better gutter solutions to your customers consider investing in a gutter machine.  A quality gutter machine can be a great way to begin offering the seamless gutter systems many homeowners are asking for.  At, we carry a large selection of gutter machines from some of the industry’s most trusted brands including New Tech and Ironman.  Not only do we offer the most competitive prices you will find anywhere online, we are proud to now extend to our valued customers free shipping as well.  There is no time better than now to start investing back into your small business with a quality gutter machine.

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Leaf Guard System

Leaf guards. Gutter screensGutter filters.  These are all common terms used when referring to a generic gutter guard system.  For decades homeowners have been using these products to keep their gutters free and clear of leaves and debris.  While the main reason why your customers choose to install this type of system is pretty straightforward, there are many other benefits it can provide.
Below are’s top 10 reasons to invest in a leaf guard system:

1. Leaf guards keep the gutters clear of excessive buildup from an accumulation of leaves and other debris especially during the autumn months.

2. Because these guards keep the buildup at bay, homeowners don’t have to clean the gutter system as frequently or hire someone else to do it for them.

3. Some systems prevent mosquitos from entering the gutters lessening their ability to breed inside of them.

4.  Installing a leaf guard system increases the value of the property.  This upgrade not only allows homeowners to raise their asking price but also makes the home more desirable to potential buyers.

5. A leaf guard system can reduce the risk of premature rusting of the gutters.

6. Allowing for the free flow of water even during the winter months, leaf guards help prevent ice dams from forming in the gutter system.

7. Leaf guards reduce the risk of fire.  When needles and dry leaves gather in the system and then dry they can become hazardous to the home.  No needles in the gutter system means that no burning ambers can fall on them catching them on fire and then spreading through the property.

8. Most leaf guards are virtually unnoticeable from the ground level.  Many homeowners are concerned with installing any type of device on the home that deters from its attractiveness.  While many of the older styles of gutter guards were bulky and unsightly, today’s newer versions offer a slim profile that can rarely be seen except by the trained eye.

9.  This type of system prevents water overflows during periods of heavy rain reducing the risk of water leaks into the home.  Water damage can lead to costly, time-consuming structural repairs.  By preventing blockages from occurring, water is more easily flowed away from the home during periods of substantial rainfall.

10.  Leaf guards act as a physical barrier to animal infestations and bird nests.  Raccoons, rodents, and other pests often find refuge inside an unprotected gutter system.   By blocking off the system, you reduce their access to the gutters and the rest of the home.

Most homeowners find that the many benefits of installing a quality leaf guard system far outweigh its cost.    When working with your customers take time to consider which system would be the right fit for their unique needs and property.  When ready to complete the work, visit for all the materials and supplies you’ll need.  We have a large selection of lead guard options from some of the industry’s top manufacturers.  Visit our website at to place your order today. 

Gutter Machines: All Your Questions Answered

If you are wanting to become more competitive in the seamless gutter industry, a gutter machine could be your answer.  Gutter machines are the best way to create seamless gutters customized for your specific needs.  These innovative and versatile machines can be one of the smartest investments you can make into your small business.  Read on as we answer many of the common questions our customers have about gutter machines.

1. Why should I invest in a gutter machine?
Gutter machines are a great way to take your business to the next level.  Allowing you to create seamless gutters to the exact specification of your unique needs, these machines can help you work faster and smarter when out in the field.  Gutter contractors who utilize their own gutter machines can enjoy more profitability, flexibility and quality with every job they complete.

2. What brands of gutter machines does carry? currently offers both the Ironman and New Tech brands of quality gutter machines.  Gutter Machines are available in 5”, 6”, and 7” K style machines, as well as a 6” Half Round gutter machine.  We also offer an Ironman 5.5” fascia machine as well as a New Tech 7” commercial box gutter machine.

Ironman Gutter MachinesNew Tech Mach II 5" K Gutter MachineNew Tech 7" Commercial Box Gutter Machine

 3. Why buy new?
There are many benefits to buying a new gutter machine rather than used.  New gutter machines can often produce a more consistent, better quality seamless gutter.  These machines are easier to use on the jobsite requiring less adjustment and maintenance.  Buying a new gutter machine also allows you to take advantage of the many new technological features available on recent models. Don’t forget that new machines typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

4. How easy are they to use and transport?
Gutter machines are much easier to transport and set up than you may think.  A typical vehicle to use is a box truck or utility van, or a specialized trailer can be used to move the machine from jobsite to jobsite.  Our 5” Junior Ironman gutter machine can even fit into the back of a pickup truck! You can also purchase an optional remote control making it simple to create the gutters you need in no time at all.

5. Can I customize my gutter machine?
Both New Tech and Ironman brands offer many add-on options to further customize their basic models.  Adding specialty controls, additional runout support stands and machine mount cradles are all ways you can tailor the gutter machine for your specific needs.  At, we even offer the Build Your Own Ironman Gutter Machine.  You choose the options you want with just a few clicks of the mouse.

6. Why buy from

When it comes to offering the best quality products at a great value there’s no company that can do it better than  Customers come back to us time and time again because of our expertise in the industry and our commitment to customer service.  We promise to beat any competitor’s pricing on gutter machines.   We also have a factory-trained and certified staff ready to answer any questions you may have about your purchase.
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4 Key Benefits of Copper Rain Gutters

When it comes to rain gutters, there are many materials for homeowners to choose from.  Most opt for basic vinyl or aluminum as an easy solution for their needs.  Some homes, especially historical or higher end properties, could benefit greatly from copper rain gutters.  Unfortunately many don’t even consider this option because they think it is too expensive to install and out of their reach.  While cost is a factor to consider, it shouldn’t be the only one.  It is important for gutter contractors to inform their clients on the many key benefits a copper rain gutter system can provide.  Only when they have all the facts, can they make the right decision for their home.

Here are 4 key benefits of a copper rain gutter system:

1. Durability Beyond Measure
Copper rain gutters are extremely durable.  They are suitable for any region and can easily handle many extreme temperatures ranging from subzero winters to blazing hot summers.  Copper is also one of the few gutter choices available which are resistant to rust.

2. Beautiful Finish

Many homeowners also enjoy the beautiful finish that copper provides.  Copper naturally patinas over time achieving a unique, weathered look in just a few short years.  This creates the rustic, yet elegant exterior that homeowners love.  Copper also adds a more custom look to the building.  Because most people choose vinyl or aluminum for their siding needs, homes with copper installed stand out from the rest of the properties in the neighborhood.

3. Smart Investment
When installing a copper gutter system onto a home, you can expect to enjoy the system for many years to come.  In fact, most copper systems can last up to 100 years.  When compared to the 10-20 year lifespan of the typical vinyl system, installing a copper gutter system can be a smart investment into the property while also saving the homeowner from high replacement costs in the future.  Keep in mind that installing copper options also increases the value of the property when it comes time to sell.

4. Less Maintenance
A copper rain gutter system requires little maintenance.  While they still need to be regularly cleaned of leaves and debris, they rarely sag or need replacement.  Due to the nature of this material, it is important to hire a professional contractor to properly install any type of copper gutter system.  Doing so will allow the homeowners to enjoy a system that looks as fantastic at fifty years old as did when it was first installed.

Whether your customers are completing a historical renovation or simply want their homes exterior to make a statement, a copper rain gutter system can be a beautiful long-lasting option.  When ready to complete the work, visit for all of your copper rain gutter products.  We carry everything needed to complete the job from downspouts and elbows to fasteners and brackets.  We also have a wide selection of copper ornamental pieces like gargoyles and gutter medallions to give your customers that finished look.    Visit our online catalog to browse one of the largest online selections of gutter tools and supplies.

Rain Chains: A Beautiful Alternative to Traditional Downspouts

 It has long been known that the Japanese people are experts at creating relaxing, harmonious sanctuaries inside their homes.  For hundreds of years, traditional Japanese homes have incorporated the melodic, soothing sound of rain water into their living space using what is known in their culture as “kusari doi” or rain chain.  They show their respect to Mother Nature’s gift by capturing this water into barrels reusing it throughout the home.

Since their humble beginning centuries ago, rain chains have become a decorative alternative to the traditional downspout throughout most of the modern world including the United States.  Homeowners have embraced both its utility and beauty using it to channel the rain water away from their homes.  They have discovered the wonderful benefits of this ancient downspout and have embraced the function and style it adds to their living space.  Read on to learn more about the many benefits of installing a rain chain onto your home’s gutter system.

Here are some reasons why homeowners love rain chains:

Rain chains add ambiance to the outdoor living space. 
Few things are more soothing than the sound of soft rain drops falling gently onto a metal surface.  The calming effects of a rain chain are undeniable offering a relaxing environment in which homeowners can enjoy the wonders of their own backyard. 

Rain chains are a stylish alternative to the traditional downspout. 
Many homeowners have the desire to add a distinctive appeal to their home’s outdoor space.  Rain chains offer the unique opportunity to showcase your personal style while also serving the important function of assisting the gutter system in draining rain water away from the home. 

Rain chains come in many materials and designs to fit every unique taste.
Rain chains come in many of the common materials that gutters do.  Some popular finishes are copper, brass, and aluminum.  There are also many design styles to choose from.  There are cup rain chains, link rain chains, and even loop rain chains just to name a few.  Some are even hammered with an intricate design such as a hummingbird or grapevine.  There are also many accessories that can be added to further enhance its appeal.  Water-catching basins or dishes are popular additions to the simple rain chain.

Rain chains are easy to install and use. 
For many homeowners, it is not only important to install features around the home that are beautiful but also easy to use.  Rain chains require very little maintenance and are simple to install.  At, we offer a rain chain installation kit to ensure that each of our customers are able to expertly install their new chain. 

If you are looking for a reputable rain chain supplier look no further than  We carry dozens of rain chains in many styles and finishes sure to match any type home.  From the traditional cup style chain to a unique lily chain, our selection offers the quality you want at the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere online.  To add further value, is now offering our valued customers 25% off select rain chains and accessories!  This promotion is only available while supplies last so make sure to visit our website today.  As the nation’s leading online gutter supplier, is proud to offer the quality products you want at the best prices around.

Everything You Need to Know About Snow Guards

For the last 300 years, people from around the world have found creative ways to prevent snow avalanches from falling off their home’s roofs.  In 1976, Jack McMullen introduced the first clear polycarbonate snow guard marking the beginning of today’s version of the modern snow guard.  Regardless of its design, a guard serves one main purpose – preventing the avalanche of snow and ice from falling off the roof surface.  By evenly distributing the accumulation, these guards can be very effective at reducing heavy loads of wet, heavy snow from damaging what lies below the eaves and gutters.  Useful for both residential and commercial applications, snow guards can be a welcome addition to any building located where large snowfalls can occur. 

Below are 10 facts every professional contractor needs to know about snow guards:

1. Snow guards are also commonly known as snow brakes, snow brackets, snow stops and ice guards.

2. Snow guards come in many styles to fit different applications.  For example, those manufactured for use with an asphalt or slate roofs will have a slotted bar to slide underneath the shingle.

3. Snow guards can be painted and finished to match the existing roof’s exterior for a seamless look and finish.

4. Installing quality snow guards can be a great way to prevent ice damming on the edge of the roof.

5. Shingles never need to be taken down to install a snow guard.  While the installation may be more specialized for certain types of roofs, all guards simply need to be fastened into place.

6. Snow guards not only safeguard people and pets but also property.  Snow guards protect a home’s gutter system from being weighed down and damaged by large amounts of dense snow.  It also prevents huge loads from falling onto outdoor furniture, landscaping and decks or patios.

7. There is a snow guard solution for every roof type.  No matter what the roof is constructed of, how it is designed, or what age it is, there is a fit for every need.

8. Installing snow guards can lead to lower insurance costs.  Because liability is greatly reduced during winter when snow guards are in place, many insurance companies offer discounts to those homeowners who choose to use this type of system.

9. Snow guards are not only for new home construction.  They can also be installed onto existing homes.

10. Snow guards come in many materials including polycarbonate, copper and stainless steel.

When looking for a reputable supply partner for your snow guard needs consider  We offer a large selection of snow guards to fit each of your customer’s unique applications.  As one of the industry’s leading online suppliers, is your source for the largest selection of quality gutter supplies and more at the best prices around.

To begin shopping our large selection of snow guards, visit our website here.

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Everything You Need to Know about Gutter Guards

What if you could offer your customers a product that virtually eliminates the need to clean their gutters?  That’s right – no more climbing ladders, no more getting dirty, and no more clogged gutters.  With the Gutter Guard system you can do just that.  This system is a long-lasting solution to their clogged gutter problems that is both easy to install and easy to maintain.  Another reason why customers are loving this system is its low profile.  Virtually invisible from the street level below, this system seamlessly attaches to the existing gutter system without being bulky or unappealing. 

So how does the Gutter Guard system work?  These guards rely on a patented peri-flow filtration system to drain the rain water through the gutters while keeping all other debris out.  Air circulation from above and below then dries the leaves and debris sitting on top allowing them to blow away in the wind.  These guards are a great solution for any type of climate and virtually any style of home.  Read on to learn more about the Gutter Guard Gutter Protection System.

Here are some features of the Gutter Guard Gutter Protection System every professional should know:

– Gutter Guards are constructed of heavy duty mill finish aluminum allowing them to withstand any extreme weather conditions.
– Sure to blend with any home, Gutter Guards are available in mill finish aluminum, white aluminum, and black aluminum.
– Gutter Guards will never rust or distort making them a lasting solution for your customer’s needs.   
– Keeping the gutters free of blockages, a Gutter Guard system can not only help protect the system from damage but also add years to the life of the system.
– Gutter Guard’s water filtration system keeps working even when covered with thick leaves and debris.
– Gutter Guards are a solution for many different types of roof materials and roof pitches.
– Installation is easy – simply rivet or screw the Gutter Guards into the front lip of the gutter.
– Gutter Guard options are available to fit both 5” and 6” K Style gutters.
– For an expert finish, all Gutter Guards should be overlapped 1/2”.

As one of the nation’s leading online suppliers of everything gutter-related, is proud to offer this quality product to our customers.  We carry both 5” and 6” options along with the material finishes you need to complete the work.  As an added value to our customers, we are currently offering 10% off during our October Gutter Guard Sale!  Registered contractors can enjoy even higher discounts plus free customized literature.  This is just another example of how is dedicated to offering the best products at the best prices each and every day. 

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Everything You Need to Know about Downspouts

The downspout may be the most underappreciated part of the gutter system. In fact, many homeowners aren’t fully aware of the important role downspouts play in the proper drainage of the excessive water that hits the home. The downspout pipe can be a huge factor in preventing expensive water damage repairs.

Downspouts serve a number of important purposes:
– Assists with the proper drainage of rain water
– Directs water away from the home’s foundation
– Prevents damage to the home, saving the homeowner from expensive repair costs

Downspouts are typically installed on the corners of the structure. They are best located in less traveled areas away from sidewalks and other obstructions. If the downspout is covering a larger roof area or the home is in a region that experiences a large amount of rainfall, you may want to consider using an oversized downspout size such as 3×4 in. option. They are often attached using a downspout bracket.

Downspout Sizes & Styles
When selecting the right downspouts for your needs it is important to consider how well it will work with the rest of the system. You will more than likely want the style of the downspout to match the existing gutter system. offers a number of styles and sizes to choose from including:

    Rectangular Downspouts: 2×3, 3×4, 4×5
    Plain Round Downspouts: 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″
    Round Corrugated Downspouts: 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″
    – Spiral Downspouts (Thick & Thin): 4″

    Downspout Materials & Decorative Options
    While downspouts may seem like the most basic part of the gutter system, there are actually many stylish options homeowners can choose from. Available in a wide assortment of materials, there are downspouts to match each unique home. At, we carry over 10 different material choices. We also offer beautiful ornamental downspouts as well. These products make a statement and are available in both wide spiral and thin spiral.

    When Downspouts aren’t Enough

    For some homes, the downspout is simply not able to drain enough of the water away from the foundation. While it is the most efficient first step in protecting the home, it may not be the only solution needed. If water still collects in the area, additional steps may be necessary. When this is the case, the downspout will often need to be extended. Installing an additional drainage pipe is often the appropriate solution for this type of issue.

    Common Clogging Issues
    One major problem that downspouts can experience is clogging. They can easily fill with leaves, twigs, and other debris. These large blockages make the downspout unable to perform its main duty – draining water away from the home. To detect an obstruction in your downspout pipe try running a hose through it. If it is clogged, you can often push out the debris or use water to flush it. If necessary, you can also remove the downspout brackets and downspout itself to clean it. has one of the largest online selections of downspouts, brackets and accessories all designed to protect the home from water damage. We carry a wide assortment of styles and sizes to fit any home’s needs in nearly a dozen finishes. Need help in selecting the right downspouts for your unique project? Contact our team of professional experts for help. They can be reached toll-free at 888-909-RAIN.